Awful to awesome

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Have you ever procrastinated over doing something and then you finally do it and wonder what took you so long?  That's basically the story for my new ironing board cover.

I'd been on the hunt for an ironing board cover for a very long time and I couldn't find anything that was both functional and attractive (and reasonably priced).  So mine was in quite an embarrassing state - it had multiple layers of decrepitude topped with a layer of ugly - photographic evidence below!

Longish story short, I was reading this weekly wrap up at Coletterie and clicked through the link to Sunnni's ironing board cover tutorial.  And now I have this.

When this one needs replacing I'll make the sides a bit deeper as they only just reach over the edges and I ended up adding velcro strips to ensure a nice secure fit.  

This adds a splash on colour to my otherwise monochromatic sewing room and will hopefully inspire me to conquer my ironing pile :) 


katherine h said...

Very useful! Thanks for the link.

fabric epiphanies said...

My ironing board was in a similar state to yours for quite a few years until it finally sucumbed completely and I was forced to act. I love the colour of your new adition.

Carolyn said...

Well done! These sorts of projects might not be glamorous, but they are always deeply satisfying when they are done nonetheless :)