Updated Vogue 1257

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Thank you all so much for your feedback on Vogue 1257.  The general consensus was to shorten or remove the sleeves and/or shorten the hem.  I couldn't believe that it hadn't even occurred to me to do that, clearly I'm not very imaginative at the moment.

Sorry - it's raining and this is the best the kids could manage.

As you can see I chose to shorten the sleeves - I've lopped off 34cm and then used a 1 inch hem.  I forgot to mention in my previous post that I hadn't hemmed the dress at all so the skirt now has a 1.5 inch hem.  It's definitely an improvement.  I wore it to work today and it was comfy, but it doesn't rock my world.  I've also decided that this is a dress for someone with a bigger bust than me - I really don't fill out all those pleats up top!

Tomorrow is ANZAC Day so I'm planning a day of sewing and football.  Go Bombers!


Lia said...

Go Pies!

Sheila said...

The changes made a big difference and looks good on you.

Gabrielle said...

I love this colour and the dress is really looking good - the sleeve length really makes a big difference!

fabric epiphanies said...

The changes make a big difference and I can tell by the photograph that you think so as well!

Sharon said...

Big difference with the shorter sleeves, it mightn't rock your world, but a good stand by for those days when everything is in the wash. Hope you had a good sewing day, I managed to finish my Minoru.

Carolyn said...

Wow, so gorgeous!! You look stunning, and if I had this beauty in my wardrobe I would be pretty happy! Love it with that silver necklace and those boots.
Thank you for your lovely comment on my Mum's kimono and I will be sure to pass your kind words along. She will be thrilled to have received so many compliments!

Anonymous said...

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