Holy cowl - Vogue 1282

Friday, 6 April 2012

Going back a few months I treated myself to a couple of beautiful fabrics from Tessuti in Melbourne and this pale lavender silk/tencel (10/90) blend was one of them.  I knew when I bought it that I wanted to make a cowl top, but I didn't have a pattern in mind.  Then Vogue released their new patterns and 1282 went straight into my shopping basket.

It's a pretty clever design, all cut in one piece, but it's cut on the bias so it's a bit of a fabric hog.  

I found the drafting on this top wasn't as good as other Vogue's I've made recently.  The instructions have you reinforce two spots on the front cowl, yet when you sew it together they're on the outside.  I removed them, but the needle marks show on my delicate fabric so I wasn't very impressed.  I didn't like the way Vogue instructs you to finish the armholes either, and finished then my own way.  Rather than leaving the band as a single length, I sewed it into a circle and attached it in the round, then under stitched flipped to the inside and top stitched.   Also as a few others have noted the back neck sticks out and needs to be shaped.  Finally - I used a 5 cent coin for the weight in the front and left the hem unfinished.  Oh - it's reeeaally low cut.  I sewed it up as instructed because my fabric is sheer and I knew I'd need a cami underneath - but you might want to sew it a bit higher if you don't want everyone seeing your girls :)

Are you still with me?  Who knew there was so much to say about one little top!  This has been perfect for the indian summer we're having at the moment and the pastel colour is just right for Easter.

Happy Easter.


Faye Lewis said...

I think you did a great job with this pattern.

Sassy T said...

Looks fab.

katherine h said...

Lovely top and cute shoes.

Lynneb said...

Robyn, that is a really, really cute top! I love that drapey neckline!

Gabrielle said...

This is such an interesting top... I think yours and Katherine's are the only ones I've seen so far, and they're both great! Thanks for the tips on its construction - I bought the pattern as soon as it came out but the depth of that neckline and the selection of fabric have been holding me back - when I do get around to it I'll have to refer back here!