Repeat Love

Thursday, 29 December 2011

I think my new year resolution should be that I won't sew as many repeats!

I saw this outfit on Pinterest and loved it, particularly the colours.

Then I realised that with a couple of the fabrics in my stash I could put together my own version.  I made the pants (Simplicity 3686) a while back, but only just got a chance to make this top.  It's another (my third) from the Balloon dress pattern, this time made up in a medium weight cotton knit.  I just love the neckline and the drapey style, but this version doesn't hang as nicely as my other two. 

Simplicity 2865 got another run too.  Caitlyn picked this animal print for a top a while back.  I'd put off doing anything with it because I wasn't sure what style I wanted or how my machine would react to the burn out poly knit.  In the end I decided that a tank top for layering would be the best way to use it.  I took these photos before I hemmed it but you can see that it's much higher in the front than at the back - a requested design feature. 

We're both really pleased with how our tops turned out.  Sometimes simple really is best.  I've got a really basic dress cut out and ready to go so I might manage to squeeze it in before the new year.


Sharon said...

Your green top is very fresh against the black and your daughters top is very cute and the design feature is perfect.

Gabrielle said...

I love your top; what a great look!

Your daughter looks so happy with her top - well done mum!

Oh and PS Happy New Year - and I hope you have air conditioning or a sea breeze!

fabric epiphanies said...

Your daughters top is very now and something I would like to make for my own daughter. I really like your top too and have had a similar knit in mind for a similar top for a while now.