Cozy, Comfort Clothing and a Confession

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First up a confession - because apparently it's good for the soul.

I couldn't wear a me-made item on June 7th.  "Why not?" you ask - well I had no appropriate clothing.  Winter has well and truly hit Melbourne and on Tuesday my nose was so red from the cold I could have given Rudolph a run for his money.  Not that I could feel it because my face was completely numb.  I don't have any me-made coats and I don't have any tops that would have been warm enough to layer under a coat.  I guess I could have worn a t-shirt under another top under a jumper, but if I'm going to wear me-made clothes then I want them out there for everyone to see (this may change if I ever start making underwear!).  So that's my confession.

Badly cropped photo so you can't see all my mess!

Neckline close up

I did manage to squeeze in a tiny bit of sewing on the weekend.  After sitting in my pattern stash for quite some time Butterick 5247 (apparently now out of print) jumped out at me, I also had some mid-heavy weight wool jersey hanging out in my fabric stash and about an hour later I had a cozy comfortable new dress (which I wore to ward off the cold on Monday).

I made view D in a size 14.  If you're thinking of making it check your sleeve and hem lengths.  I added an extra inch to the sleeve length and still had to hem it with a band to make it long enough.   Also view D looks to be well below the knee on the model and on me it ended up being a couple of inches above the knee. 

Overall a really simple project with a nice neckline and I'm sure it'll get plenty of wear of the next couple of chilly months.


Bernice said...

Nice dress. It looks very cosy and warm. A black dress like this is a bit of winter staple if you live in a cool place. Now you'll just have to make yourself a coat (Happy to lend you my pattern. I won't be making another one any time soon. Maybe in about 50 or so years!)

Audrey said...

You have to love a pattern that will sew up into a flattering, comfortable, warm dress in an hour. It is unseasonably hot where I live, I am having such a hard time imagining it being as cold as all the Aussie bloggers are describing.