Not sewing, shopping

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thanks for helping me out with the dress pattern.  The consensus was that I should definitely glam up, but maybe try a different pattern.  So I'm open to suggestions, I love maxi dresses so maybe I'll head in that direction, what do you think about Simplicity 2219?  I really like this version.

Still enjoying my holiday but I really miss my sewing machine. There's a small indepenent fabric shop in town that I like to visit everytime we're here, this time I picked up a cool knit fabric for one of my new Vogue patterns and some stretch interfacing.  At night I've been madly blog surfing and browsing Etsy and these three fabrics are winging their way to me.  I can highly recommend this shop - excellent customer service and great fabrics.

I'm about to go on a cushion sewing marathon.  Two of those fabrics are for the kids and the other will be for our bed, bet you can't guess which one is for us ;-)


PurpleMum said...

The spots are for you I bet!!

Bernice said...

I think a maxi dress is definitely a serious contender for 30 year old birthday glam. The added bonus of the maxi is you can dress it up or dress it down. Looks just as fabulous at a party as it does going for a stroll along the beach. Also, the added bonus of one made from a knit is no ironing.

Nice cushion fabric.

Try 'emma one sock' for nice knit fabric.

(This is my 4th attempt at writing a comment - I give up after this!)