Painting? Yes. Sewing? No.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All my sewing items have been safely packed away and the painting has begun.

Before all the packing commenced we had a family trip into the city and I was able to make a quick stop off at Tessuti where the three lovely pieces of fabric above came home with me. From left to right there is a lovely navy and white stretch cotton jersey, a crisp white shirting and a beautiful silk chiffon in shades of grey. I'm planning a simple t-shirt for the striped jersey, but haven't decided what type of sleeves I want yet. The shirting is obviously for a shirt. I'm planning a short sleeve top for work and the left overs are for a contrasting collar and cuffs for another shirt. For the beautiful silk chiffon I'm planning a simple sleeveless, cowl neck top. I haven't selected any patterns yet - I keep coming up with heaps of ideas as I paint.

With school holidays next week and the seemingly endless house prep I'm not sure when I'm going to make it back to my machine, but hopefully I'll be able to squeeze something in soon.

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